parametric & generative LAB

INARCH Istituto Nazionale di Architettura

What is the ParagenLab?

Parametric and Generative Laboratory is an initiative of  dcrarq and is part of the Master in Digital Architecture, Expert designer in emerging technologies by the INARCH of Rome. This first edition of the Master and the Lab have been possible thanks to the great contribution of all the INARCH team and specially of Maria Luisa Palumbo.

It is a reality that the irruption of intelligent computational processes in the world of architecture, design and art is changing the physiognomy of these fields as we knew them before.
The computer gives us an operational logic that allows us to work more streamlined and applying these new logics we get to explore, experiment and create new forms generated by processes such as self-organization or emergent systems, as the bottom-up philosophy. The program of the Parametric and Generative Laboratory is focused in generating design process based on digital morphogenesis using parametric software, in which the target is to promote research and exploration of the design process, which will produce new projectual results that will lead to new lines of thinking and reflection.

This Lab takes the baton from the Mapping Lab by Amleto Picerno Ceraso  and its linked to the  Scripting e computational geometry  Lab by Dario Donato.